A Jeweler's Best Friend

Prime Diam Co. is a U.S. based wholesale Diamond Company with over 20 years of experience in the diamond industry. The majority of Prime Diam's high quality loose diamonds are imported directly from our own cutting facility located at the Tel Aviv Diamond Exchange Center in Israel. Prime Diam's large purchasing power allows our overseas buyers to have first pick of the best and most attractive diamonds produced anywhere around the world and enable you, the jeweler, to buy "hard to find" stones at below market prices.

In Prime Diam's inventory you will find a wide selection of diamonds in all shapes and sizes from 0.50 carat and up. Most jewelers associate Prime Diam's name with high quality diamonds: high colors from D to H and high clarity from VS to SI in only the finest makes. Most of our diamonds are certified by GIA or EGL. Diamonds that are not certified by a gem lab are strictly graded by a Prime Diam's gemologist according to the highest industry standards.

Prime Diam receives new diamonds from our Israeli factory on a daily basis. If you need a diamond that is not listed in our on-line inventory, please e-mail us your request to sales@primediam.com or call us toll free at: 1-888-PRIME-44. We may have the diamond you are looking for in stock or expecting it in our next shipment.

Whether you are looking for a specific stone or hunting for a special deal, now you can search Prime Diam's on-line inventory and have access to hundreds of certified stones. With primediam.com you can buy your diamonds directly from the source. Prime Diam will overnight diamonds for your convenience free of any shipping charge, so if you still have doubt whether this is the right stone for your customer, it won't cost you anything to give it a shot.

At Prime Diam, we know that in order to support all of your diamond needs we must continue providing you with  fine quality diamonds , competitive prices, and outstanding service. These three goals are the heart and soul of our company and the basis to our success, making us one of the fastest growing diamond companies in the United States. Join many satisfied jewelers and use primediam.com diamond web site as a tool to increase your diamond sales. We hope you will find that Prime Diam Co. truly is The Jeweler's Best Friend.

Contact Prime Diam 1-888-PRIME-44 (1-888-774-6344)