Ordering Terms and Policies

  1. Memorandum
    • Preliminary Credit Approval Required for all Memorandums.
    • If in stock and available, overnight delivery is guaranteed if requested and if order is received before 3PM CST. Geographical areas that cannot receive overnight delivery do not apply. If priority delivery is required by the prospective purchaser, an additional $15.00 fee will apply.
    • If the stone is not in stock, or if other issues affect the jeweler's request, a Prime Diam sales representative will contact you by phone or e-mail as soon as possible.
    • The jeweler may examine the stone for up to 10 business days. For a longer consignment period, arrangements can be made by calling 1-888-PRIME-44, or 314-721-7210.
    • If the stone is not purchased, the merchandise must be sent to Prime Diam Co., 35 N. Central Ave. Suite 405, St. Louis, MO 63105 by registered mail insured for the full US$ amount. If Prime Diam requests the stone to be returned by another form of delivery, the prospective purchaser will be contacted by a Prime Diam sales representative.

    The merchandise delivered to the prospective purchaser "ON CONSIGNMENT" and "ON MEMORANDUM" only, at the prospective purchaser's risk from all hazards, regardless of the cause of the loss or damage, only for EXAMINATION and INSPECTION by perspective purchasers upon the express condition that ALL SUCH MERCHANDISE IS THE PROPERTY OF PRIME DIAM CO. AND SHALL BE RETURNED ON THE DEMAND OF PRIME DIAM CO. IN FULL IN ITS ORIGINAL FORM TO PRIME DIAM CO. Until the merchandise is returned and actually received by Prime Diam Co., the prospective purchaser is fully responsible therefor, and, in the event of damage or loss, whether caused by the prospective purchaser, or by another, whether or not under the prospective purchaser's control, the prospective purchaser will fully indemnify Prime Diam Co. immediately by payment of the stated value which represents the extent of the actual loss to Prime Diam Co. and is not intended to constitute a price for the sale of the merchandise. The prospective purchaser acquires no right or authority to sell, pledge, hypothecate or otherwise dispose of the merchandise, or any part therof, by memorandum or otherwise, it being expressly understood that regardless of other transactions, whether written or oral, or prior trade customs or in the parties course of business, whether written or oral, no credit is extended with respect to the merchandise. A sale of all or any portion of the merchandise shall occur only if and when Prime Diam Co. and the undersigned agree and the undersigned shall have received from Prime Diam Co. a separate invoice. A subsequent sale of any specific part of the merchandise shall not affect the terms hereof with respect to the terms which represent the entire contract with respect to the merchandise herein described and which cannot be varied by oral statements, dealings with respect to other merchandise or any contrary customs of the trade. THIS IS NOT AN INVOICE OR BILL OF SALE. ACCEPTANCE OF THE MERCHANDISE DESCRIBED IN THE ONLINE ORDER FORM CONSTITUTES ACCEPTANCE OF ALL THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS DESCRIBED IN THE MEMORANDUM.

  2. C.O.D.
    Only Stores Disapproved for Credit.

Contact Prime Diam 1-888-PRIME-44 (1-888-774-6344)